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Vetus "ready to Go" Waste water tanks (“black” and “grey” water) - 88 liter - 24 volt

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Complete 88 liter tank for waste water - Ready to go!
These tanks are made of odour impermeable synthetic translucent material, so the content level can be seen from the outside.

These complete tanks come with a VETUS waste water pump type EMP140, inspection cover,
ultrasonic level sensor, connectors and 2 securing straps.
Only level gauge and the inlet fitting (type RT..B) must be ordered separately

All connections go through the top of the tank. Type WWS is suitable for storing black water as well as grey waste water and is especially designed to save installation time.

• Suitable for 24volt
• Tank is approved according to the ISO 8099 standard
• Tank capacities of 88 litres

• Suction pipe with angled hose connector Ø 38 mm for discharge to onshore holding facility
• Breather connection Ø 19 mm
• Pump-out connection for discharge to sea Ø 38 mm
• Hole for inlet fitting type RT..B in not included - please see related items

The waste water tank system is designed to save on space and installation time. The tank has a capacity of 88 litres and is made of odour impermeable polythene. It is suitable for storing “black” and “grey” waste water and is provided with ISO 8099identification.<br/>The “ready to go” system comes complete with a VETUS waste water pump type EMP (24 Volt), an inspection cover, a tank gauge sender (the 24 Volt level gauge must be ordered separately), a plastic suction pipe with Ø 38 mm angled hose connection fordischarge from ashore, two securing straps and one Ø 19 mm connection for the breather.<br/>All input and discharge connections are accessible at the top of the tank. One hole has already been provided to connect the inlet fitting. Angled connectors for the input of waste water must be ordered separately.
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Dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 407 x 400 x 995
Weight (kg) No Data
Capacity (gallons) 23
Voltage (Volt) 24 V
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