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Magnus Apac hatch - 35 x 20 cm (cut-out dimension)

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Magnus hatch series with outer dimensions 399 x 254 mm is a hatch that really must be able to withstand a little of each. Magnus hatches comply with the CE requirements according to the AI ​​classification.
This means that they can be used on ocean-going boats and that there are no restrictions on location on board.

Friction fittings:
The hatches are equipped with friction brackets that can keep the hatch open at all possible angles without the use of extra support. This allows the hatches to be opened 180 °, and there are absolutely no obstructing objects present in the opening.

Handle with patented lock:
The handles are fitted with a patented lock and the hatches are equipped with a ventilation position, which can be used in the locked state. When the locking function is not used, the hatches can also be opened from the outside.

Vetus Quality in first class:
The MAGNUS hatches are made in the well-known first-class Vetus quality, and all aluminum profiles are first polished and then anodised.
Unlike most other makes, VETUS aluminum profiles are polished before the anodizing process.
Not only does it look much nicer, it also has another benefit: dirt, salt and contamination cannot accumulate in the pores of the aluminum where it would cause permanent stains.
After 60 years of "heavy duty" in the Mediterranean, VETUS windows, portholes, decks and
ventilation hatches still look like they are new!

Strong acrylic window:
The acrylic window is 10 mm thick, in the color "dark smoke".

The patented handles:
These grips have a number of advantages over the previously used:

  • The hatches can now be opened from the outside to meet the requirements of the CE regulations.
  • The handles allow a ventilation position. The hatch can be opened quite a bit, and still remain completely locked.
  • The handles have a locking pawl, which can keep the hatch completely locked in both the closed and ventilation position.
    With this activated, the hatch cannot be opened from the outside.
  • A fuse has been made so that ropes on e.g. sailboats cannot catch the handles if the hatch is open.
More Information
Manufacturer Vetus
Hatch Type Magnus
Number of handles 2
Number of hinges 2
Number of adjusters No Data
Mosquito screen Not avaliable
External dimensions A x B (mm) 399x254
Cut-out dimensions A x B (mm) 347x202