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BOW PRO Boosted 210 kgf bundle - Bow propeller with stepless and brushless AC motor 48Volt (24V), - tunnel Ø 250mm.

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Vetus 210kgf BOW PRO Boosted Thruster with variable speed - 24-48V, tunnel Ø 250 mm
Special Price EUR6,113.38 Regular Price EUR7,455.34
Tunnel for bow thrusters in glassfibre (GRP) - Ø250 x 1500 mm
Tunnel for bow thrusters in glassfibre (GRP) - Ø250 x 2000 mm
Tunnel for bow thrusters in glassfibre (GRP) - Ø250 x 2500 mm
Tunnel for bow thrusters in glassfibre (GRP) - Ø250 x 3000 mm
Joystick controlpanel with Hold function for Vetus BOW PRO
Joystick controlpanel for Vetus BOW PRO
Special Price EUR419.76 Regular Price EUR493.84
CAN supply cable
CAN terminating resistor
CAN cable 1M
CAN cable 5M
CAN cable 10M
CAN cable 15M
CAN cable 20M
CAN cable 25M
Fuse holder, type C100 including cover, suitable for fuses of 40 to 500 Amp.
Strip fuse (ANL / C20)- 355 Amp.
Battery main switch 250 Amp. with key (2500 A / 5 sec.)

Set solution with all necessary parts BOW PRO boosted 210 kgf

BOW PRO BOOSTED 210 kgf - BOW PRO with benefits
The BOW PRO Boosted thruster series is innovative and completely different compared to existing thrusters. All the features of the phenomenal BOW PRO with a bonus! On the motor, a third connections is present. This leads the power to the internal charger which boost the output up to double the voltage. In practice, this means you are able to connect the 48 V BOW PRO Boosted to a 24 V power supply and run it without any problems!
Connecting the BOW PRO Boosted directly to a 48 V power supply is also possible of course.
The built-in charger recharges your battery when the thruster is not in use, doubling the value of the BOW PRO Boosted on board.

Key points

  • 3 year warranty
  • 48 Volt - can be charged from a 24 V system using the built in inverter/charger
  • Proportional control
  • Unlimited* run-time at lower speed
  • 10min runtime at full thrust
  • Brushless no maintenance ignition protected
  • Hold-function for easy docking
  • Highly efficient (up to 93%)
  • Safe
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable
More Information
Manufacturer Vetus
Max. Thrust (kgf) 210 kgf
Tunnel dia. (mm) 250
Truster Voltage 48 V