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Porthole PX45 - 417 x 168 mm (cut out dimension) - CE A3 - Medium Duty

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Porthole PX45 is CE classified A3 and suitable for use in the coachroof side.

10 mm opening unframed pane, colour “smoke”.
This new porthole is fitted with friction type hinges, permitting them to stay open in any position.
Two large diameter clamp knobs ensure that the portholes can be closed completely watertight.
The aluminium frame is satin anodized.
Clamp type installation ensures that no fixings are visible internally or externally.

The porthole can be fitted in a surface with a thickness of min. 2 mm and a max. of 18 mm
Each can be supplied with an aluminium framed mosquito screen as an option.

More Information
Number of handles 3
Number of hinges 2
Number of adjusters dna
Type mosquito screen HOR45
External dimensions A x B (mm) 441 x 179
Cut-out dimensions A x B (mm) 417 x 155
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