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Maxwell windlass RC8 - 8 mm chain, 1000 Watt, 12V - Boatsize up to 45 feet

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This Low profile vertical anchor windlass from Vetus / Maxwell type RC8 for 8 mm chain or a rope/chain combination is recommended for boats up to 45 feet.

With a static hold of 1200kg and pull of 600 kg it provides a lot of "muscles" and with a chainspeed of 32 meter/min it will retrive you anchor fast.

  • Recommended boatsize:
    • Boat with low weight compared to size: Up to 45 feet
    • Boat with high weight compared to size: Up til 40 feet
  • 100TDC: standard deck thickness
  • Maximum Pull/Lift: 600 kg
  • Static Hold: 1200 kg
  • Chain speed: 32 meter/min
  • Chain Short Link: 8 mm DIN 766
  • Rope Size (Nylon): 14-16 mm (3 strand or 8 plait recommended)

Maxwell once again leads the market in innovative thinking with the introduction of their latest Wave Design™ chainwheel. This patented rope/chain wheel incorporates two unique design concepts that greatly improve the handling and control of the rope/chain spliced rode. The outer ribs of the chainwheel are angled slightly forward ensuring that the rope and the chain are smoothly guided in the wheel during anchor retrieval. As the rope pulls into the wheel, the opposite facing inner ribs grip the rope in an undulating manner, securing the rope more firmly in a ‘wave pattern’ action that is far superior to the traditional ‘jam cleat’ manner of holding the rope compared to all other products on the market. Not only does this Wave Design™ hold the rope more securely, it is also kinder on the rope resulting in increased longevity of your anchor rode.

• The combined stainless steel (AISI 316) and chromed bronze RC8-6 fully automatic rope/chain windlass is designed to effortlessly retrieve and deploy 6 mm/ 7 mm (1/4”) chain spliced to 12 mm (1/2”) three strand or 8-brait (plait) rope.
• The ingenious Wave Design™ rope/chain gypsy (chainwheel) is able to accommodate a wide range of chain pitch differences within the specified chain size diameters suitable for use with the RC8 Series.
• A sleek, Low Profile version and a fluted stainless steel capstan drum version, are available.
• Simple two piece installation saves time and money and allows easy retrofitting without disassembly of the windlass.
• Unique spacer tube design allows installation through virtually any deck thickness and the multiple mounting positions and self aligning gearbox ensure optimal location of gearbox and motor in virtually all installation situations.
• The RC8 features Maxwell’s revolutionary, and patented, new Wave Design™ chainwheel. Refer RC6 pages for more information about this innovative feature.
• The heavy duty stainless steel (AISI 316) pressure arm is designed to effectively help grasp the rope/chain splice, giving the RC8 an unparalleled level of performance. In combination with a heavy duty, large wire diameter, stainless steel preloaded spring, the pressure arm always exerts maximum control pressure.
• The RC8 works just as effectively with all-chain rodes.
• Huge, through deck hawse pipe throat ensures easy entry of the rope/chain rode into and out of the anchor locker.
• Full disassembly capability of the topworks utilising only the handle provided and an Allen key.
• Manual override and ‘Free Fall’, using the emergency crank/clutch handle provided.
• Sealed oil bath and marinegrade hard anodised, alloy gearbox provides maximum output via a precision worm and worm wheel.


• Recommended boatsize
• Light displacement*: Up to 45 feet
• Heavy displacement*: Up til 40 feet
• 100TDC: standard deck thickness
• Maximum Pull/Lift: 600 kg
• Static Hold: 1200 kg
• Chain Short Link: 8 mm (5/16”)  DIN 766
• Rope Size (Nylon): 14-16 mm (3 strand or 8 plait recommended) 
• Chain Speed (Anchor Retrieval): 32 m/min
• Rope Speed (Anchor Retrieval): 28 m/min
• Power Supply (DC): 12 V 
• Motor Power: 1000 W
• Net Weight 16.5 kg


• A: 210 mm
• B1: 83 mm
• B2: 146 mm (with capstan)
• C: 156 mm
• D: 208 mm (depth below deck)
• E: 272 mm
• F: 410 mm
• G. Std. deck clearance: 65 mm
• H. 40 mm
• I: 66 mm
• J: 44 mm

*LIGHT DISPLACEMENT - Refers to a vessel which is relatively light in weight compared to its overall length.
*HEAVY DISPLACEMENT - Refers to a vessel which is relatively heavy in weight compared to its overall length.

Included in delivery:

• RC8 windlass
• Dual direction solenoid
• Emergency ‘free fall’ activation lever
• Manual
• Installation manual

You also need:

• Electric connections - cables
• Fuse and fuseholder
• Circuit breaker/isolator panel
• Up/Down remote control panel


• AutoAnchor™ Equipment
• Compact Remote
• Foot Switches
• Chain Stopper
• Chain Snubber
• Capstan model

More Information
Manufacturer Vetus
Voltage (Volt) 12 V
Chain short link (inches) 5/16
Net weight, electric (lbs) 36,3
Max. pull/lift (kg) 600
Static hold (kg) 1200
Chain Ø (mm) 8 mm
Net weight, electric (kg) 16,5
Rope size (nylon) (inches) 5/8
Chain speed (anchor retrieval) (ft/min) 105 ft/min
Rope speed (anchor retrieval) (ft/min) 92 ft/min
Rope size (nylon) (mm) 14 - 16
Chain speed (anchor retrieval) (m) 32 m/min
Rope speed (anchor retrieval) (m) 28 m/min
G (standard deck clearance) (inches) 2 1/2
Max deck clearance (mm) 65
B1 (inches) 3 5/16
B2 (with capstan) (inches) 5 3/4
B1 (mm) 83
Static hold (lbs) 2640
Maximum pull/lift (lbs) 1320
J (inches) 1 3/4
J (mm) 44
D (inches) 8 1/4
E (inches) 10 3/4
F (inches) 16 1/4
I (inches) 2 5/8
H (inches) 1 5/8
D (mm) 208
Key (E (mm)) 272
F (mm) 410
Tread 66
H (mm) 40
A (inches) 8 5/16
C (inches) 6 3/16
A (mm) 210
C (mm) 156
Motor (W) 1000 W
B2 (with capstan) (mm) 146